Much of the world still relies on phones for a big part of their communication with customers or business-to-business. Until this old technology is eventually phased out, we have to embrace it. That does not mean, however, that we should be bound by the antique limitations. 

We have put together a solution with channel partners that simplifies most of the needs that could arise in telephony based communications. With just a few clicks, your personnel put in charge of your virtual PBX will be able to add flows and a multitude of options. Should you require added functionality, or integration with other solutions provided by us or third parties, we will develop the necessary bridges to make the system work for you.

Furthermore, this is not limited to phones, your customers or partners can call you from a simple web browser or smartphone. The system will call you on your regular phone-devices or those you put in charge, even if no one is at their terminal. With our selection of tools we cover the newer communication channels, regardless of the protocol (e-mail, IM, etc).

All this talk, however, is about the media. We can also help your organization form a communication style, scripts, and workflows to better cooperate with the important contacts at the other end. These strategies will be adapted to your, and your target audience's needs.


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