We have created a Hotel application that allows you to manage bookings on your own, and your Hotels.
Saving fees, and giving your loyalty program more power. 

Your page on our system (Frontend) would have the following functionality for your visitors. Showcasing all the created rooms, banquet rooms and all other information based on your selected Hotels. Customers can book their rooms or any other facility directly from here by selecting and paying for their reservation. Payment is sent to the customer confirmation email confirming that the booking was successful. They can also order food from your own restaurant. They can see galleries and hotel reviews, and other sections as needed.

Management (Backend)
Here you can create a hotel tab from the backend, you can also create under hotels for hotels belonging to management groups. That is, managing a whole hotel group from one central company. You can create corresponding Hotels to organize based on their locations, and also create different types of services in different locations in your hotels.
Banquet halls
You can define the type of symposium room and its description of its size and how it is the banquet hall in its corresponding appearance.

Your staff can designate different room types so that customers can choose between different rooms on the basis of their interest and availability when booking their room.

Staff can define all the menu items of the restaurant menu and display them in the menu so that customers can order the food by looking at them.

Other installations
Managers can add different users of their respective Hotel locations by giving them different roles. Based on specified roles, staff will be able to perform certain functions in the application. There is also a reporting section that shows the report based on the number of rooms and receptions.

Management does not require special systems just any device with internet access. You can manage your hotels from anywhere, and your staff can perform their assigned roles more easily.
Connectivity with reservation channels

Our platform collaborates with partners that can provide us access to 200+ booking channels such as booking.com, expedia.com and other popular. Alternatively, we can also support other channel booking funneling services.

Our services are aimed at your success and creating good relationships with your customers. Those who have come from other booking channels can in the future make direct bookings to you, saving the rates of booking engines that can create and rebate for your guests. Besides, we can improve and create new content, search engine campaigns, and social media to highlight your facilities and the tourist potential of the respective destinations.
Software isn't everything, so we also offer training and a seminar focused on your team's success through improved guest experiences. 

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